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    双色球最近100期走势图:Kendall Jenner Matches with Friend Fai Khadra at Wimbledon

    You'll probably recognize her pal from her Instagram.

    • Kendall Jenner and friend Fai Khadra attended Wimbledon on Sunday in matching looks.
    • She wore a blue-and-white ensemble by Polo Ralph Lauren, and Khadra matched.
    • Khadra is known to be friends with Jenner and has been spotted with her on Halloween and at Coachella.

      Wimbledon isn't only for British royals and socialites; it's a hot spot for models and Instagram stars too. Case in point, Kendall Jenner made an appearance yesterday at the tennis tournament with her friend Fai Khadra, bringing a dose of cool to the storied English sporting event.

      The 23-year-old model put her spin on the '90s New England mom look with a crisp blue button-down shirt and summer-appropriate white shorts. She completed the classic ensemble, by Polo Ralph Lauren, with Adidas Continental sneakers, rectangular sunglasses, and a white shoulder bag with chain straps.

      Wimbledon 2019 Celebrity Sightings -  Men's Final Day
      Khadra (left) and Jenner (center) are seen at Wimbledon on Sunday, July 14.
      Mark R. MilanGetty Images

      What came as a nice surprise was that her pal matched in a similar outfit, with an open blue button-down over a white shirt and pants. Khadra and Jenner were seen sitting next to each other during the game, peering out from behind their too-cool-for-you shades.

      Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2019
      Khadra and Jenner watch the Wimbledon men's finals in coordinating looks.
      Karwai TangGetty Images

      Khadra is the brother of twins and style stars Simi and Haze, fashion week regulars and friends of the Kardashians and Jenners. Fans of the famous family might recognize Khadra from Kendall's previous Instagram posts, including a series of mirror selfies she posted with him on Halloween. At the time, they also coordinated outfits with Austin Powers–inspired costumes.

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      should we shag now or shag later baby?

      A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

      He also appeared in her Coachella photos with Hailey Bieber.

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      glow in the dark friends

      A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

      It's unclear whether there's anything romantic going on between Jenner and Khadra—they really could just be friends!—but they've already got the duo dressing down pat.

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    10. 北京发布便民商业网点分布电子地图 2019-07-13
    11. 候选企业:拜耳医药保健有限公司 2019-07-06
    12. По окончании 1-й сессии ВСНП 13-го созыва состоялась встреча премьера Госсовета КНР Ли Кэцяна с журналистами 2019-07-06
    13. 回复@艾鸣1:你看强坛除了小寻子这种跟你一样老蚕的人之外,有人会有人敢支持你么? 2019-07-01
    14. 重庆市南岸区:探索建立“微益坊” 2019-07-01
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